The Goal and Vision of Eco Cotton Threads is based on the Three pillars of Sustainability: Environmental, Economic & Social.
Environmental: We source from small scale cotton farmers who use crop rotation techniques in order to reduce soil erosion, water waste, increase fertility and quality of cotton yields. Our cotton is grown and processed in Ethiopia without any toxins, synthetic chemical or any dyes. Our cotton is hand-picked at peak, hand-spun, hand-woven, and hand-crochet reducing our carbon footprint.  
Economic: We provide a fair advantage of economic opportunities for our farmers, producers and their communities by paying adequately for their talent, skill and work. In addition, we aim to continue building a strong collaborative relationship with our supplier and assist with development and growth.  
Social: We all have the power to do something about  inequality, social injustice, poverty, and our global environment. By purchasing our blankets we thank you for being conscience consumers, advocates against social injustice, and environmental conservationists in the textile industry.
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